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Great Salmon Fishing

Bentalit Lodge offers year round activities: wildlife viewing, flight seeing, fly fishing, king salmon fishing, silver salmon fishing, pink salmon fishing, rainbow trout fishing, northern pike fishing, arctic grayling fishing, bowfishing, canoeing, hiking, guided river excursion, Northern Lights viewing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing or just relaxation. Many of our guests enjoy playing racquetball and wallyball on our court.

  • Wildlife Viewing
    Located in the Alaskan wilderness, animals are commonly viewed while on excursions from the lodge. Typical to the area are moose, coyote, black bear, brown bear, wolf, marten, fox and beaver. Bald eagles and hawks are a daily sight at the lodge, as are numerous species of waterfowl. Trumpeter swans gather in May and nest in surrounding areas. The swans and other migratory waterfowl remain in the area through September.

  • Flight Seeing
    We can arrange spectacular flight seeing tours of Denali (Mount McKinley), as well as area lakes and glaciers. Flight seeing is an excellent way to get a panoramic view of the many mountain ranges and to eye the abundant wildlife of Southcentral Alaska.

  • Racquetball
    We have the only known (we never under estimate Alaskans) regulation size indoor racquetball court in the Alaskan Bush. The court is set up to also accommodate wallyball, handball and other sports in addition to racquetball.

Moose Alaska Fishing May 20 - September 30

  • Wild Pacific Salmon (King Salmon, Silvers, Reds, Pinks and Chums) King Salmon Fishing - May 20 through July 13
  • Silver, Red, Chum and Pink Salmon - July through August.
  • Rainbow Trout Fishing (May 20-Sept.30), Arctic Grayling Fishing and Northern Pike Fishing(all year).
  • Try flyfishing for rainbow trout or salmon in our freshwater streams.
  • Individuals, groups, or corporate conferences are welcomed.
    ===> click here for more fishing information on fishing in Alaska

Summer Wildlife Viewing - Bear Viewing
* View the spectacular site of thousands of brilliant red salmon as they move through area streams to their spawning beds.
* Summer time is a bird watchers paradise as many seasonal species pass through or nest in the Yentna river drainage.
* Sight black and brown bears foraging for berries or fishing for salmon along the rivers and creeks.

Hiking Trails
Explore the network of trails around the lodge that will lead you from lakes to rivers, over hills and through grassy meadows, providing inspiring vistas and photo opportunities.


Bentalit Lodge in the Winter
Bentalit Lodge in the winter

Cross-Country Skiing
* There are limitless opportunities for back-country skiing and snowshoeing. Just step outside and choose a direction.

Dog Mushing
* Bentalit Lodge is ideally located to view the world famous Iditarod Sled Dog race that is run from Anchorage to Nome. The trail runs right by Fish Creek and Lake Creek, providing plenty of excitement as the best mushers in the world pass on their journey up the frozen Yentna River to the Skwentna checkpoint.

* Designated snowmobiling trails pass by the lodge.
* The frozen Yentna River becomes a major thoroughfare providing easy access to explore the Alaskan wilderness.
* Are you planning a meal break or overnight stop on your trip up the Yentna River? Call for reservations. Our rates are reasonable.

* A groomed runway is maintained for skiplanes. Please call for current conditions.
* Fly-out for a meal or overnight stay. Call Bentalit Lodge for reservations.

Breathtaking Winter Experiences - Northern Lights Viewing
* Experience the awesome beauty and power of the Alaskan winter. The majesty of the Northern Lights, the overwhelming silence of a fresh snow, and the unique heat of a fireplace are only a few of the reasons that we believe winter provides the best opportunity to see and experience the real Alaska.

For booking details and further information:
Email Bill and Annette or call Bentalit Lodge at (907) 733-2716.

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