Some of Your Questions

  • How do I get to Bentalit Lodge?
  • What should I bring?
  • Will I see Bears?
  • What about liquor and cigarettes?
  • What about mosquitoes?
  • Is there anything to do besides fishing?
  • What do you do in the winter?

Guests arrive by floatplane from Anchorage. We will make all the necessary arrangements and reservations with the air taxi service to fit your schedule.

Plan to travel light as each passenger is limited to just 70# of luggage by air taxi services. We recommend bringing clothes that can be layered to meet all types of weather conditions. A must to bring are a hat, sunglasses, rain gear (just in case), light gloves, sunscreen, camera and a travel clock along with your personal effects and any medications.

Hopefully yes, but not at the lodge. We maintain a "clean camp" and have dogs around which is a strong deterrent for bears. Your chances of seeing a variety of wildlife from the lake or on an excursion is very good. Typical wildlife that you might see include moose, black or brown bears, wolves, coyotes, fox, marten, beaver, eagles, hawks and a variety of waterfowl.

We have a selection of beer, wine and soft drinks at the lodge and you are welcome to bring whatever hard liquor you prefer. We do not sell cigarettes and the lodge is smokefree.

That all depends on the conditions. There is usually a breeze on the lakes and rivers so mosquitoes are barely noticeable. They can be annoying at times when fishing from shore so we suggest you bring long sleeve shirts and pants. Repellents with DEET sprayed on your clothing seem to work best under these conditions.

We can arrange flight seeing trips to nearby Denali National Park and Mt. McKinley and you will see glaciers from the air. The mountain scenery is absolutely breathtaking! We have the only known regulation size racquetball court anywhere in the Alaskan bush country. The court is also used for wallyball and handball.

Canoes are available for your use for fishing or taking an excursion through our picturesque Fish Lakes. There are guided river excursions, picnics, barbeques, and just relaxing in the lodge. At some point you will want to simply "take five" and just absorb the spectacular environment.

Winters are one of the most beautiful times to experience Alaska. Bentalit Lodge is open all year long and guests are welcome to join us for a variety of winter activities. Our guests can ride snowmobiles, cross-country ski, snow-shoe or go ice fishing. Many people enjoy viewing the Northern Lights. Bentalit Lodge is ideally situated on the Iditarod race course for the renowned annual dog sled races. Also the Iron Dog Snowmachine Race and the Iditasport Race (bicycling, skiing, and running) take place in February and March.