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Salmon fishing, Rainbow Trout fishing, Northern Pike fishing - fishing galore! Our guests can fish lakes, streams and rivers, from the shore or from boats, and spin-cast, troll or go flyfishing for the many species we have available.
  • King Salmon Fishing (Chinook) is best from mid-May to mid-July and will average about 35 lbs., but often go over 50.

  • Red Salmon Fishing (Sockeye) peaks from mid-July to mid-August. Some people think that this is the best salmon for eating (especially when smoked).

  • Silver Salmon Fishing (Coho) run from late July into early September and the fish will average from 7-9 lbs. with many larger than that. Not only do they put up a good fight, they love to jump and dance on top of the water.

    Great Ice Fishing Too!

  • Pink and Chum Salmon Fishing is best in the late summer. Go flyfishing for them from the stream or river for a thrilling experience.

  • Rainbow Trout Fishing is good all season from May through September with the best fishing being from mid-August through mid-September. We encourage catch and release for the "bows".

  • Northern Pike Fishing is an option any time of the year and there are many trophies running 20+ lbs. to be caught in our lakes. Ken, a fishing guide, spent the winter with us and he pulled a 45 inch long pike up through the ice from a lake close to the lodge.

Catch fish at any age
Alaska Fishing May 20 - September 30
  • Wild Pacific Salmon (King Salmon, Silvers, Reds, Pinks and Chums) King Salmon Fishing - May 20 through July 13 Silver, Red, Chum and Pink Salmon - July through August.
  • Rainbow Trout Fishing (May 20 - September 30), Arctic Grayling Fishing and Northern Pike Fishing (all year).
  • Try flyfishing for rainbow trout or salmon in our freshwater streams.
All our fish are excellent eating and come from pristine waters. We do encourage catch and release for the rainbow trout. Be sure to bring a cooler along if you want to take fish home with you.

We can arrange to have your fish processed or smoked with reputable companies in Anchorage. It takes approximately 10 days to process fish and then it will be shipped to your home by Federal Express.

* Individuals, groups, or corporate conferences are welcome.
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